The task was to take at what first seems to be a straightforward story and put a new twist on it. We wanted to find a way to make the film engaging and different without being contrived and to tell it from a uniquely observed viewpoint so that we are with our girl all the time.

To achieve this unique filming approaches were used.  The camera was placed some six feet above the lead actor’s head (made possible by using an innovative rig devised by Tony Hill and Billy Lumby similar techniques are used in video games such as Sims).  For the viewer this can be a disorientating but engaging angle.

The challenge for the director using this technique is it gives the control of the camera to the actor, the rig is heavy and can throw their balance, so it is tough to produce the frames.  The young actress who leads in this film, Elle Pretri, did a fantastic job.

The prosthetic makeup at the end was produced for us by Kristyan Mallett who also worked on the Mission Impossible films.

Post production was very kindly provided by Oscar winners the Framestore and Simon Tubbs from the The Motion Design Company.

Editing work was also very generously provided by Sacha Szwarc at Speade.


Director:  James Lawes
Executive Producer: Helen Hadfield
Producer: Tom Ford
Creative Directors: Tony Muranka and Peers Carter
DOP: Dom Bartels
Art director: Jerry Bland
Editor: Sacha Szwarc
Music composition: Gavin Farrell

Hayley:  Elle Petri
Ryan: Aaron Ward
Bex: Ajjaz Awad
Voiceover: Rachel Bright